Masia d’Amer is located in a strategic area, the hotel is in the center of the region, having less than 1 hour by car a wide range of different zones and activities to do. We are 25 minutes from Girona and Olot, 1 hour from Barcelona, 40 minutes to the beach and 1h to the Ski resorts. This centric position gives us the possibility to do a wide range of activities.

Our zone is ideal for trekking with many routes starting at our hotel

A few meters from our place there is the greenway to practice cycling

Up in the mountain you can jump with paraglyding and land at our hotel

We have the best golf camps a few minutes from the village

Also enduro is a great thing to do in our high mountains

The lovers of F1 can find a rest place in our hotel, 50min from the track

We are 70km close to the ski resorts in the pyrenees

Only 20min walking from your room you will find this climbing zone

Our place is 1h from Barcelona, with all activities you can do there

We live in a wine region with many cellars and vineyards to visit all the year